“A documentary that travels”

Gabrielle Germain, journalist Info Portneuf

“The testimonials are sensational! A documentary that shook me a lot”

Sylvie-Anne Jeanson, host Radio Canada

“For this dark subject, even taboo, the directors have used a sensitive and human approach”

Meryl Serthelon, journalist L’express

“SANS TOI, a real documentary, touching, relevant and definitely to be watched again and again

François Pouliot, host Expoze.tv

“The worst thing we can do is not to talk about it…”

Gilles Parent, host FM93

“I did watch the documentary, even twice. The reflexion that I had is, if I have some suicidal thoughts, this documentary would definitely make me change my mind.

Serge Olivier, host Radio Canada

“[ Melanie L. Dion] is pointing something very important. It’s very rare to hear such a speech.”

Catherine Lachaussée, host Radio Canada